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Gozzi Green’s new frontier

Boating sustainably means protecting the sea and the environment. Today this is possible in the world of boating as well. A more ethical approach is the mission that Mimì Shipyard knows how to follow successfully. In fact, the historic boatyard, thanks to the study and research of innovative methods and materials, has successfully managed the endeavour of producing Gozzis and hulls in fibreglass with a state of the art “infusion” method that is considered the best ever for the construction of fibreglass hulls and today is applied by the world’s best shipyards.

But let us look in detail at what this method consists of and what advantages it brings from the point of view of performance of the boats (such as the gozzis) and respect for the environment.

What distinguishes the infusion method from the manual method is the processing of the reinforcement fabrics and the dry core that pours, infuses to be precise, the resin in a subsequent time which fills the void that was created and is distributed directly in the laminates flawlessly.

With this technique weight and resistance is gained optimizing the amount of resin and so favouring the reinforcement. The solvent emissions are reduced significantly which ensures more ecological production.

The processing of the Mimì gozzis with the infusion process has achieved important results from the point of view of the safety of the operators who during the spreading of the dry materials without the involvement of the resin do not come into contact with the fumes of volatile harmful substances.

Thanks to the infusion method the gozzis’ fibreglass hulls will have a composite with performance characteristics, a reduction in weight and a proper resin/fibre ratio. Furthermore, the thickness will be constant and without any air. The mechanical properties of the laminate will be improved thanks to the uniform compression exerted by the vacuum bag.

The boat will require less powerful engines with subsequent financial savings for the client and a bonus for the environment due to the lower Co2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Every day Mimì Shipyard renews its authentic love for the sea by producing boats with low environmental impact.






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