Build your Gozzo!


In our Shipyard you can design and build the boat of your dreams.

Mimì Shipyard is dedicated to the construction of semi-custom boats: owners will have a range of choice between different materials for the exterior and different solutions for the interior.

Increasingly frequently In fact, the most passionate yachtsmen would like a boat that adapts to their needs.

Mimì Shipyard, thanks to its forty years of experience, can meet the needs of customers by implementing a series of customizations useful to the full satisfaction of the owner.

The Gozzo is absolutely one of the richest boats in history and charm, the Gozzi Mimì have always been appreciated for their qualities of reliability and safety.

It’s easy to go by sea and be fascinated by it, so it’s good to know that in our shipyard you can restore gozzi and design new ones, all thanks to the craftsmanship and continuous technological research of which we make a flagship

The Gozzi Mimì are the result of a perfect synthesis between respect for tradition and selection of fine materials, which through the use of modern technologies, allow them to stand out for their uniqueness and high quality.

Mimì Shipyard builds gozzi with the innovative Infusion method.

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