Cantiere Mimì give new life to your gozzo


Cantiere Mimì has been bringing together passion and skill for more than 40 years to build splendid Sloep and offers its professionalism to clients through various types of intervention.

Nautical services do not always live up to the needs and investments required because professionalism and experience are often lacking.

But luckily we in Italy know that it is also possible to find extraordinary skills and craftsmanship and we here at Cantiere Mimì are supported by tradition and technology. We are also able to carry out the most sophisticated refitting and to give new splendour to your boat.

Cantiere Mimìis made up of several insulated warehouses, a carpentry shop and a workshop, as well as an open space for the movement of the vessels.

Care for details and finishes is a priority for us. When different sloep need to be refurbished or to be completely transformed and renewed they need skilful restoration and complex detailed maintenance.

When done well a good restoration through complete refitting can regenerate new value and new life in many vessels even if it often requires a certain investment which will be rewarded however by any future resale

Thanks to its internal carpentry shop Cantiere Mimì can supply a wide range of services and satisfy a number of requests and needs such as structural repairs of gozzi and vintage boats and restoring straps and lockers.

For years Cantiere Mimì has been buying its timber by choosing them ad hoc from the world’s best wholesalers so as to offer timber of unquestionable quality with the right seasoning. This offer goes from mahogany, to oak and from iroko to solid teak.

Furthermore, Cantiere Mimì can pick up directly from its customers and transfer the vessel from the mooring to the port nearest to the shipyard (Naples) and then transport it by road to the ship yard for the work.

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