Many good reasons to choose to buy a Gozzo Mimì

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Choosing to buy a Gozzo Mimì, has many advantages and is always a good idea!

If you are considering buying a Gozzo (Sloep) it is because you are definitely looking for recreation and relaxation and therefore you will not want to face inconveniences. Our shipyard, thanks to over 40 years of experience, builds safe and reliable boats.

DESIGN: The Gozzi Mimì are designed to offer a high comfort of navigation and liveability. Every space is optimized and the design reflects the elegance of the traditional goiter, but with a continuous search for contemporary lines. Many of the models are the result of the design of the Rivellini Yacht Design Technical Studio, such as the new Libeccio 11.

CUSTOMIZATION: Cantiere Mimì is dedicated to the construction of semi-custom boats: owners will have a choice of different materials for the exterior and different solutions for the interior.

CONSTRUCTION: In our website you will already find a wide description of the innovative method of construction of our Gozzi as the true flagship infusion method of the Mimì Shipyard together with the choice of raw materials. Solid wood is the first quality wood that is seasoned and handcrafted in the carpentry department of the shipyard.

MADE IN ITALY: Our boats are built entirely in the Mimì Shipyard, each of them is taken care of in every single detail and subjected to constant controls in order to safeguard its performance.

ENGINES: All Gozzi Mimì are equipped exclusively with Yanmar engines, a guarantee of quality for over 90 years. Thanks to the partnership between the two companies, your boats will be equipped with reliable, powerful and durable engines as well as low fuel consumption.

ASSISTANCE: Mimì Shipyards offer continuous pre and post sale assistance following you step by step from the phase of choosing the boat model, to the request for financing up to the delivery and beyond.

REFUNDING: The highly qualified staff will try to satisfy every type of request and need, in addition to the covered storage service for the entire winter season. Finally, the boats will be cleaned, guarded and maintained with care.

RESATURATION: Our shipyard is specialized in refitting boats. It is able to skillfully restore and carry out structural repairs of vintage boats and lockers, restoring bundles, lockers and electrical or hydraulic systems.







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