A genuine love for the sea

Salvatore Senese, founder of the company and still present in the shipyard today, led it to its debut with the construction of its first boats such as a gozzo and a 4.6-metre fibreglass lance.

As the customer base grows, the family business grows, and, thanks to an organised dealer network and the collaboration of first-class engineers, the company crosses national borders.
The company's tradition is handed down to the new generations, among whom is the figure of his son Domenico, who assiduously works on perfecting existing products by combining experience and innovation.
A winning combination that would later allow him to export the brand to Europe and Asia.

The method

Thanks to consolidated know-how, Cantiere Mimì produces traditionally styled Gozzi, but with all the modern technologies and innovative materials.

Gozzi Mimì are designed and engineered in 3D and manufactured using 7-axis NC milling machines.
Design is not an end in itself, but functional to the needs of experienced yachtsmen.
The materials are fine, the wood used is exclusively solid teak seasoned and bent by hand. And the passion, in all Gozzi Mimì there is the heart of someone who grew up in this boatyard and carries on the business with the same enthusiasm he had as a child and with the pride of linking his name forever to this wonderful adventure!


All hulls produced at Cantiere Mimì are processed using the vacuum infusion process.

This is an advanced technique that has achieved important results in terms of operator safety and environmental emissions. Thanks to the infusion method, the parts will have a composite with high performance characteristics, a reduction in weight, and a correct resin/fibre ratio.

Furthermore, the thickness will be constant and without interlaminar air bubbles. The mechanical properties of the laminate will be improved due to the uniform compression exerted by the vacuum bag.
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